Pickard’s Friday Night Club

On May 12th, some of us went to Pickard’s Friday Night Club, which was kickball and food.  While we didn’t join in with the kickball, we enjoyed food and also played some volleyball.


Hall Council Party

On Monday, May 8th, residents who regularly attend hall council was invited to a hall council party.  There was icecream, Mario Kart, Music, and games which we enjoyed with the rest of the building.

Moving Out

On May 7th, there were numerous people tearing down their lofts and rearranging their room, since they had time this weekend.  I helped out when needed, and answered a lot of questions with regards to dates, room orientations, and many other topics.  Hopefully you all can move out without too much trouble in the coming weeks!

Egg Fest

On April 12th, Brockert had Egg Fest!  I was working the cotton candy machine with one of my residents.  We had a lot of fun learning about how the cotton candy machine makes the cotton candy, and different techniques to make the best cotton candy ball.

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On Tuesday, several of us went to GWAM to eat.  While we were there, we talked about everything under the moon, from polar bears and penguins, to tractors.  There was some arguing about things like which pole polar bears and penguins lived on, but Google was a great help.